Big Life Journal is One of Instagram’s Top Parenting Resources

We all tend to spend a lot of time scrolling through social media with no clear purpose in mind, so why not put that time to some good use? Instagram is home to many top-notch pages created with parents in mind, and Big Life Journal is one of the very best.

With one million followers under their belt, Big Life Journal became one of Instagram’s leading parenting recourses over the years. They’re dedicated to offering science-based tools to raise confident, happy, and resilient children, but how did their journey start?

Big Life Journal was founded in 2017 by Alexandra and Scott, who wanted to create a safe space where parents like themselves could go to when looking for personal development tools they could use with their children.

“We created the Big Life Journal for our son Mikey so that he can grow up to be a positive, resilient, confident human being who strives to achieve great things in life. We’re sharing our journals with you with the great hope that they will positively impact your kids’ lives too,” the duo explains on their official website.

Their team significantly grew over the years to include over a dozen of parents, homeschoolers, former educators, family coaches, designers, and illustrators and they published a series of journals and other resources that can help parents on their journey.