Beware of This Common Parenting Pitfall

There’s more than one obstacle on the road toward perfect parenting. Ahh, who are we kidding—there’s no such thing as perfect parenting. Parents may try their best, and study every article that’s ever existed, but most are just learning on the job—because the best teacher of all is experience. That said, it always helps to hear helpful tips along the way, and here’s one that may be of service to you.

Having To Please Your Child

There seems to be a common trend in today’s society where parents feel this incessant need to please their children all the time. Obviously we all want our kids to be happy, and taking steps to ensure that is what makes parenting such a blessing. But there’s a difference between working for your child’s happiness and catering to their every whim.

Newsflash: you have a lot more life experience than your child does, and they need you to show them the ropes. You can’t be worried that they won’t love you in return if you don’t do something for them that they’re begging you for—especially if that thing they want is something you know isn’t good for them. You need to be strong in these critical moments and realize that your job as a parent is to discipline them as well as praise them.

By doing this—teaching your child about boundaries—you’ll actually be setting your child up for a more well-rounded and happier life, and isn’t that what you wanted all along?