Best Ways to Teach Your Kid to Make Their Bed

Making their kid’s bed isn’t a hassle for parents, they do it with joy. However, you shouldn’t let that carry on for too long. By teaching your kid to make their own bed, you are helping them become more independent and responsible. If your kid still doesn’t make their own bed and you want to help them make the first steps towards it, here is how to do it.

Let Them Watch You Do It

Watching and listening is the best way of learning for kids. You should have your kid be in the room as you make their bed and describe the process. This will help them memorize all the necessary steps over time. 

Ask Them to Help

Once you are ready to start with practical lessons, you should let them help you. Start with something simple like straightening the sheets or arraigning the pillows and gradually transition towards more complicated tasks.

Have Them Do it Under Your Supervision

The next step is to let them make their bed by themselves under your supervision. Wait until they are done, and then tell them if they need to make some corrections.

Incorporate it Into a Morning Routine

Once your kid is able to make their own bed, you should incorporate it into their mourning routine. Tell them it is now part of their responsibilities and is as important as brushing their teeth and washing their face.