Best Ways to Support Your Teenager Through the College Application Process

Navigating through the complexities of the college application process can be daunting for teenagers. This is why the support of parents can be crucial for their success. Of course, parents shouldn’t look to completely take over the process, as it serves as a valuable teaching moment for kids and allows them to feel independent. Here are the best ways to express your support in a manner that will actually be beneficial for your teen.

Help Them Decide on Their Top Options

The first step should be helping them decide their top options. Most teens have trouble deciding what they want to study and where they want to do it. Parents can help them identify the fields they are most passionate about and the best colleges to pursue them.

Offer Suggestions and Resources

Teenagers are usually not too familiar with everything that goes into the college application process. Offer them suggestions that might seem fitting, like visiting college campuses and reaching out to students at their preferred colleges, and resources that will allow them to put together the best college application. But don’t be insistent if they say no to some of your recommendations.

Be Their Safety Net

You should be your teen’s safety net. Check out all the important deadlines for the top colleges that your kid selected and keep track so they don’t miss them. Go through applications to see if they have all the necessary documents attached. However, avoid hovering over them and adding pressure when unnecessary.