Best Ways to Stop Your Child From Binge Eating

Binge eating can affect people of all ages, including your children. It’s characterized as finding comfort in food and often eating uncontrollably, even when you’re full. Luckily, there are things you can do to stop your child from developing binge eating habits before it’s too late.

Regular Meals

If your kid has a habit of skipping meals, especially breakfast, it’s more likely they’ll be prone to binge eating, so make sure to set a regular eating schedule, including three meals with snacks in between.

No Temptations

Your kid won’t have such an easy time binging on snacks and candy if there aren’t any to be found, so don’t go overboard when buying them. Kids have a special talent for finding snacks, no matter how well you hide them, so you shouldn’t have too many at home.

Good Support System

Your little ones will be more likely to develop good eating habits if you encourage them to practice mindful eating. It’s also important to remember that BED can be triggered by internal struggles so encourage them to come to you when they’re feeling down.

Regular Exercise

Eating healthy is only one aspect of living healthy, and it’s just as important to be on the move and stay active as a family.