Best Ways to Stop Fashion Wars Between Siblings

Having kids close in age and size means they can easily share clothes—but this is secretly a double-edged sword. Clothes-sharing can lead to frequent fashion wars in your household, but you can avoid them and create harmony between your little ones with this brief guide.

Setting Clear Boundaries

To prevent fashion wars in your home, encourage your children to have open communication and set clear boundaries, establishing rules about clothes-sharing that work for everyone involved.

Establish Sharing System

It’s a good idea to help your kids establish a sharing system that they can rely on if they want to borrow and lend clothes to each other’s, along with penalties that they’ll have to suffer for disrespecting the rules, such as losing access to certain items.

Individual Spaces

If your kids share the same room and closet, make sure that each one has a designated space for their clothes. By doing so, it will be much easier to avoid conflicts over misplaced or borrowed items because they’ll have a clearer sense of their belongings.

Encourage Individuality

Fights over clothes are more common among siblings who struggle to express their own style. Encourage your little ones to make their own choices while shopping for clothes and pick the items they really like, and they’ll be less tempted to “borrow” clothes from their siblings.