Best Ways to Prepare for Traveling When Your Kids Have Food Allergies

Traveling with your little ones isn’t an easy task and things can get even more difficult when one of your kids has food allergies. If your children are allergic to anything from dairy and gluten to eggs and nuts, these useful tips can make your next trip a little bit easier.

In-Flight Meals

In-flight meals can usually be ordered in advance, so you can always opt for a dish that doesn’t contain any allergens and remind the flight attendant of your choice once you board the plane.

Pack Snacks

Mistakes can happen, so it’s always a good idea to pack some of your own allergy-friendly snacks in case something goes wrong.

Right Accommodation

If you struggle to find a hotel that can accommodate your kids’ dietary needs, opt for the type of accommodation with its own fridge and kitchenette, idly close to a well-supplied grocery store.

Bring Your Meds

Don’t hit the road without packing all the meds that your little ones might need if their allergies start acting up, such as an EpiPen.

Do Your Research

Do your research before eating out to make sure the restaurant of your choice has allergy-friendly foods and feel free to ask many questions as you need to make sure all the ingredients are suitable for your kids.