Best Ways to Minimize Exposure to Seasonal Allergies This Spring

Everyone’s looking forward to spring because it’s bringing warmer days along, but this season has its downsides. Seasonal allergies tend to make a comeback when flowers and trees start blooming, and pollen is everywhere around us, and here’s how you can deal with them if your kids are experiencing symptoms.

Post-Playing Time

After your kids are done playing outside, it’s very important to have them wash their hands or even shower so they wouldn’t rub pollen in their eyes or nose. Changing their clothes is also a good idea because pollen can coat clothing, as well.

Windows Closed

You’ll be tempted to have your windows open as often as possible to let the fresh air in, but keep in mind that you’re also inviting pollen inside this way.

Pollen Levels

Did you know it’s possible to check the forecast for pollen levels? If you didn’t, you do now, so use this newfound knowledge to your advantage and plan outdoor activities when pollen counts aren’t that high.

Ask the Doctor

When nothing else works, and your kid’s symptoms remain strong, going to a doctor is always an option. The doctor can recommend nasal sprays and oral ocular antihistamines that can ease the annoying allergy symptoms.