Best Ways to Make Time for Family Travel Once School Year Starts

If traveling happens to be one of your favorite things to do together as a family, you shouldn’t give it up once the school year starts. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make time for family travel after the summer break, without neglecting your children’s academic needs.

Weekends & Holidays

Make your travel plans around your children’s school schedule, and consider hitting the road during weekends, school breaks, and holidays. Your kids won’t have to miss any classes if you carefully plan to hit the road on the days when they’re not going to be at school.

Local Travel

Traveling abroad can be tricky in the fall, but nothing’s stopping you from exploring the beauty of your home country. Weekend getaways, city breaks, and road trips are a perfect fit for a staycation, so try to find some fun local destinations that your entire family will enjoy.

Family Visits

If you have family and friends that you could visit abroad or in your home country, use fall to reconnect. You’ll save a lot of time because you’ll have a local guide to show you around, and you can even save some money on accommodation if they offer you a place to stay.