Best Ways to Keep Your Active Child Hydrated

Kids sweat less than grownups, but that doesn’t change the fact they need to stay properly hydrated at all times. If you have an active child who enjoys playing sports, it’s crucial they drink plenty of water, and these tips will help you keep them hydrated.


Whenever you’re sending off your little one to take part in physical activity, make sure to pack a water bottle. Replacing it with sugary or fizzy drinks is best avoided because they can be counterproductive and aren’t as healthy as water.

Lead By Example

Your kids will learn many things by simply watching you, so it’s important to lead by example. The daily recommended water intake for grown-ups and teens is eight to 10 glasses of water, while it’s five glasses for five to eight-year-old kids and seven glasses for nine to 12-year-old children. That amount usually increases when they’re physically active.

Perfect Schedule

You should make sure to encourage your kids to drink enough water while doing sports to avoid dehydration. They should drink a certain amount before, during, and after practices and games, so advise them to do it regularly and have a big drink afterward to make up for the sweat they’ve lost.