Best Ways to Help Your Toddler Fall in Love With Baths

Some toddlers love baths. They enjoy all the splashing, the feel of warm water, and the fact that it can all be just one big game. However, others can be more than reserved about the whole activity for various reasons and won’t be afraid to let you know. If you are dealing with the latter, here are some of the best ways to help your toddler fall in love with baths.

Get Them Accustomed to Water

One of the most common reasons why toddlers hate baths is that they are afraid of water. This is why you should look to change their perception and get them accustomed to it. You can fill up a bathtub and show them how to splash the water around without them getting in. Do this a few times until you notice they are more relaxed.

Get Toys Involved

 Toys can always help a toddler get more comfortable with certain activities. Fill up the bathtub with toys and give them a bath while your toddler is watching. Act out some scenarios between the toys that paint baths in a positive light. When your toddler notices how much “fun” the toys are having, they will want a piece of that.

Don’t Force It

Forcing your kid to spend extended time doing baths if they are not enjoying it won’t help. Instead, you should take them out as quickly as possible when you notice discomfort. When they seem comfortable, use this opportunity to make the bath session longer and add new elements to it.