Best Ways to Help Your Kids Deal With Car Sickness

Some kids don’t handle long car rides well. They might experience various car sickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting, which might lead to stressful traveling experiences for everyone involved. Luckily, there are several ways you can help your kids deal with car sickness.

Skip Heavy Meals Before Traveling

Having a big and heavy meal before traveling can lead to a world of trouble for your kids. These kinds of meals can cause discomfort in their tummies and make vomiting a more likely outcome.

Have Them Sit in the Middle of the Back Seat

The middle of the back seat is at least prone to motion while allowing them to focus on the road ahead and not think about whether they will experience car sickness. 

Make Frequent Stops

Taking frequent stops will allow your kids to stretch their legs often, and getting some fresh air will make them more comfortable. Even if they start feeling unwell during the ride, they will know that a break is coming soon.

Limit Ride Entertainment Options

Reading books, playing video games, or watching movies is a bad entertainment option for kids that deal with car sickness as it will make them more aware of motion. Instead, encourage them to opt for something less demanding, like listening to music and audio books or watching through the window.

Consult a Medical Expert

If nothing works, you might want to consult a medical expert. They can give more helpful recommendations or prescribe your kid medicine that will make car rides more comfortable.