Best Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Bedtime Fears and Nightmares

Knowing that their child has bedtime fears and nightmares is a tough situation to handle for any parent. They want to help your child overcome them but are usually unsure how to approach it.

If you are a parent facing this type of situation, here are the best ways you can help your child deal with bedtime fears and nightmares.

Be Understanding

Talk with your child about the things they are experiencing and show them that you understand how they feel. Also, explain that these types of things are not unusual and that they will eventually go away.

Establish a Comforting Bedtime Routine

Having a comforting bedtime routine will help your child be more relaxed and will help them not to think nightmares will return. This can include bedtime stories, warm baths, or some other activities they enjoy.

Keep the Nightlight On

Falling asleep in complete darkness is a scary prospect for most kids and can intensify their bedtime fears and nightmares. Get a quality nightlight lamp that will turn their room into a more comfortable environment while not disturbing their sleep.

Limit Their Exposure to Violent and Scary Content

Being exposed to violent and scary movies, cartoons, and books can often trigger nightmares. Make sure that you limit this exposure and instead introduce more kid-friendly media content.

Ask for Professional Help

If you have tried all of this and your child still has bedtime fears and nightmares, it is time to ask for professional help. An expert will help determine the cause of the issue and give you guidance on how to help your kid overcome it.