Best Ways to Find Time for Working Out as a Busy Parent

We all tend to neglect certain parts of our daily routine after becoming parents, and workouts often fall under that category. It’s tough to find time to hit the gym as a busy parent, but our brief guide is here to help you carve out time for exercise amidst your parenting responsibilities.

Scheduled Workouts

“Commitment over motivation” is a good strategy to rely on when you’re trying to work out as a busy parent. Schedule your workouts around your other commitments and make sure to prioritize self-care so working out could once again become a regular part of your routine.

Home Workouts

Instead of waiting to have enough time on your hands to hit the gym, discover the magic of home workouts that you can do whenever your kid is napping or playing in their room.


Don’t push too much pressure on yourself to have long workout sessions when your time is limited. Ten minutes is better than zero so focus on breaking up your routine into short and intense mini-workouts that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Get Your Kids Involved

There are ways to stay active without hitting the gym every day, ranging from family walks to bike rides. The activities are a good workout that allows you to get your kids involved and teach them the importance of an active lifestyle.