Best Ways To Ensure Your Kids Get Good Night’s Sleep in the Summer

From limiting screen time to sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, there are many strategies you can use to ensure your kids get a good night’s sleep. They still apply once summer arrives, but this season brings its own set of challenges along and it requires a new game plan.

Cool Sleep Environment

It’s crucial to create a cool sleep environment for your children in the summer and keep a comfortable bedroom temperature throughout the night. Fans and air conditioning can help, but you should also consider adding light, breathable bedding to the mix.

Keep Sunlight Out

Blackout curtains and blinds will be your best friend during the cold summer months. They’ll keep the room dark and block out sunlight early in the morning, stopping it from disrupting your kid’s sleep.

Smart Hydration

Staying hydrated is more important than ever in the summer, but the way your kids do it makes all the difference. Encourage them to stay hydrated throughout the day and reduce their water intake before bedtime to minimize nighttime bathroom trips that could negatively impact the quality of their sleep.

Light PJs

Make sure your kids have a separate pair of summer pajamas, made from lightweight, breathable materials to ensure they stay comfortable during warm summer nights.