Best Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Try Street Food During Your Travels

Street food allows you to explore the culinary scene of a new city in the most authentic way possible. It’s delicious, budget-friendly, and freshly made, and it can help you introduce your family to new cultures and flavors. If you’re not sure how to inspire your kids to give it a try, our brief guide will give you a push in the right direction.

Let Them Have a Taste

You shouldn’t immediately order a full-blown meal for your kids if they don’t seem to be particularly interested. Lead by example, buy some street food for yourself, and let them have a bite so they can determine if they want to order the same thing for themselves.

Familiar Favorites

Instead of going all-in with new dishes that your kids have never seen before, try to lead with familiar flavors. Opt for dishes that are similar to the ones they already enjoy back home before introducing them to brand-new options. Desserts are usually the safest bet and children of all ages tend to enjoy them.

Let Them Choose

Make sure to involve your kids in the decision-making process, instead of choosing a dish they’re going to eat on your own. Explore the street food stalls together to give them enough time to discover some delicious options that suit their taste.