Best Travel Toys to Make the Next Trip More Enjoyable for Your Kid

Giving kids toys is the best way to ensure they behave well while traveling while also making the trip more enjoyable for them. But as you probably know, it isn’t enough to bring just any type of toy. In order to get the best results, you need the best travel toys. Check out some of our recommendations below.


You can’t go wrong with Play-Doh. It will occupy your kids for hours, and they can enjoy it regardless of whether you’re traveling in a car or by plane. Just make sure to get the mini kit and not the full-size one.

Coloring Book

When in doubt, pack a coloring book and some crayons. Sure, your kid might decide at one point to use those crayons on other surfaces, but that is a risk you should be willing to take. Coloring books are great at keeping kids’ attention, and they have plenty of other benefits like helping them learn, practice patience, and develop coordination.


Puzzles might not be the most convenient choice, but they are great at holding attention. You’ll have no trouble finding one that fits the age of your kid and their interests, while they’ll find great pleasure in trying to complete them.

Stuffed Toy   

If you are in a hurry, then turning to a stuffed toy is as good a choice as any. Your kid will have no trouble coming up with ways to play with a stuffed toy. They will also be able to turn to it for cuddles when they get nervous from a long trip.