Best Tips for Waking Up Your Kid for School

It is always a real struggle for parents to wake up their kids for school. This is especially the case when they just got back from summer vacation and got accustomed to sleeping a bit longer. If you are facing this problem and none of your techniques seem to be working, try the following.

Be Firm With Bedtime

A great way to ensure your kid wakes up for school more easily is to ensure they get enough sleep. This is why you should be firm with their bedtime and have them go to sleep earlier, even if they are not in the mood for it.

Limit Screen Time at Night

Playing video games, watching TV, or using their phone at night will make your kid reluctant to go to sleep. Staring at the screen right before going to bed can also have a negative impact on their sleep. This is why limiting screen time at night makes kids more rested in the morning.

Establish a Morning Routine

Having a morning routine will help your kid get into a rhythm and be more aware of having to get up on time. You can include some simple tasks like making their own bed, picking out clothes from the closet, and preparing their own cereal.

Promise a Reward

This one you should use only if nothing else helps. Promise your kid a reward if they can wake up for school on a regular basis. This will keep them motivated to get out of the bed quickly.