Best LEGO Sets to Buy for Your Kid in 2023

Introducing your kid to LEGO can have many benefits. It will spark creativity and result in hours of fun that don’t include spending time in front of a screen, and playing with LEGO can be turned into a family activity. If you are looking to introduce your kid to LEGO in 2023, consider buying them one of the following sets.

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle is one of those iconic sets that never lose their appeal. Your kid will enjoy discovering all the intricate details of the set, including moving the front gate and working catapult, as well as coming up with all sorts of fantasy scenarios. As a bonus, the set can also be turned into a tower or a marketplace.

Lunar Research Base

This set is amazing if you want something both educational and fun for your kid. The set replicates a moon base and includes various additions like a lunar lander, drone, rover, and moon buggy. Also included are six minifigures that your kid can take on a space adventure.

Cozy House

If your kid is not interested in castles or space, then Cozy House should be your pick. It covers a theme that is closer to kids, giving them the opportunity to build a house and use minifigures to tell all kinds of stories. The set can also be transformed into an “open house” build and a two-story building build.