Best Kids’ Movies in 2024 to Entertain Your Little Ones

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids’ preoccupied this summer? While playing outdoors is certainly fun, there will be those times when your kids are indoors as well. Here are some of the best kids’ movies in 2024 to entertain your little ones when spending some time at home.

Orion and The Dark

In this uplifting flick, a young boy named Orion comes to terms with his biggest fears, seeing them play out in his mind. While facing one’s fears is intimidating, Orion and the Dark will teach your kids that there is truly nothing to fear once they acknowledge the things that scare them and ultimately choose to live life to the fullest.


This charming tale is about a young boy named Luca living on the Italian Riviera who befriends Grazer, a sea monster disguised as a human. In addition to providing plenty of chuckles, this fun movie might just teach your kids some Italian lingo with the main characters switching between English and Italian.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

This time, Ghostbusters centers on the next generation of the Spengler family, with the kids in the driving seat when it comes to protecting New York City against a vicious force that could plunge the earth into a second Ice Age.