Best Healthy Alternatives for Your Kid’s Fast Food Craving

Kids love fast food, and you can’t blame them. It is tasty, filling, and quite addictive. But it is also bad for them because it can lead to health issues later in life while also creating bad dietary habits. If you want your kid to eat less fast food but still give them a meal they will enjoy, try these alternatives.

Black Bean Burger Instead of a Classic Burger

Black bean burgers are quite good at mimicking the taste and experience of eating a fast food burger. They pack vitamins and fiber while having much less cholesterol than a classic burger.

Potato Wedges Instead of French Fries

French fries are delicious but also among the unhealthiest food options you can get at a fast food. Potato wedges deliver a similar crispy feel with a soft inside while being a much healthier option because they are baked and use significantly less oil.

Flavored Water Instead of Juices and Sodas

Fast food sodas and juices are packed with sugar and all sorts of other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, serve your kid some flavored water. It will be more exciting for them than the regular water but won’t come with the downsides of sodas and juices.

Frozen Yogurt Instead of Ice Cream

Like all desserts, frozen yogurt can be high in sugar. However, it is still a better choice than ice cream because it contains probiotics and has fewer calories.