Best Gifts For Your Five-Year-Old

If you have a five-year-old child, then you probably know just how much energy they can exhibit on a daily basis. As a result, when shopping for gifts and toys, you’ll want to think of giving them something to test their creativity and energy. Here are some of the best gifts to surprise your five-year-old with.

Magna-Tiles Classic 100-Piece Magnetic Construction Set

One great way to burn off some energy is to use your creative juices to construct unique structures. With this 100-piece Magna-Tile set, your child can do exactly that, even teaming up with their friends to make some impressive buildings.

Squishmallows Maui the Pineapple Plush

After your five-year-old has enjoyed an energetic play session with friends or finished running around outside, it’s probably time for a nap. This Squishmallows plush toy will be a perfect soft pillow for your little one to help them fall asleep.

Upbounders Memory Game

One great gift that will test your child’s memory while providing them with a chance to get competitive with friends is this 24-pair memory game. There is an array of fun subjects that you can enjoy, from a day at the barbershop to a musical adventure.