Best Backyard Games to Play With Your Kids

From smartphones to tablets and plenty of streaming services, there is a lot of technology that threatens to keep your kids indoors and inactive. This issue requires you to think of ways to get your kids to want to ditch their devices to spend some time in nature. Here are some of the best backyard games to play with your kids to keep them entertained without technology.

Muggle Quidditch

If you and your family are Harry Potter fans, set up a game of quidditch outside. All you have to do is attach three hula hoops to three poles such as umbrella stands. Use a volleyball as the quaffle that you and your kids will need to throw through the hoops to score points.


Get out your old cornhole set to test your kids’ aim. If you don’t have a set at home, place a basket, hula hoop, or paper plate on the grass and give your kids bean bags to throw at the target.

DIY Bowling

If you love bowling, you don’t have to go to a bowling alley to enjoy this game with your kids. Save up 10 soda bottles and set them up on a yoga mat. Use a beach ball as a bowling ball and try to knock down all the pins. If your kids need a bit of assistance, place pool noodles on the sides of the lanes as railings.