Be Careful When Watching Your Baby in the Morning

Keeping an eye on your baby isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially as they start to get older, stronger, and more capable of getting around. However, some occasions are harder than others, such as when you first wake up in the morning. Indeed, the early morning hours are the moments you need to be the most careful when watching your beloved baby, and here’s why.

You’re Pretty Darn Tired

This may seem obvious, but not when you just wake up—hence the point itself. It’s one thing to watch your baby when you’re fully awake, but you don’t have all of your mental faculties when you first wake up. Your mind isn’t operating at 100%, which may lead to poor decision-making. You might think you’re watching them, only for you to doze off momentarily—and one moment too long.

Just Get Up

For this reason, the best thing you can do for yourself is to simply get up. Don’t play the “snooze game” when watching your baby in the morning, because you can’t afford to have any unhappy accidents. This is your baby you’re talking about here, and you need to remain constantly vigilant—so get off your butt and start your day!