Ashley Graham Explains How She Managed to Overcome “Mom Guilt”

The term “mom guilt” refers to the crippling feeling that you’re not doing enough for your child, and celebrities aren’t immune to it either. Ashely Graham recently opened up about feeling “mom guilt” as a working parent and explained how she managed to overcome it.

Graham is a mom to three boys with Justin Ervin – 18-month-old twins Malachi and Roman and 3-year-old son Isaac – and she’s still new to navigating some parts of motherhood. “Mom guilt” used to be one of them, but she’s doing her best to let go of this feeling and don’t let it hinder her.

Graham admitted she struggles to balance parenthood, marriage, and career while speaking to People. The famous model and body positivity advocate admitted she often felt guilt about working but eventually realized that her kids are still in the best hands, even when she’s not around.

Graham told People that she’s trying to overcome her guilt by giving 100% when she’s with her sons instead of letting negative feelings affect her.

“I mean, the idea of balance, I wish it existed. What I do is I have these in-depth conversations with myself and my husband about – I have set up my kids so that when I’m home, I’m home and I’m locked in… I just go click right into mom mode,” she explained.