Arts and Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Setting up an arts and crafts station in your home is a great way to encourage your kid’s independence, creativity, and curiosity. Check out these three fun, simple activities that you can do together or independently, with very little prep.

Jewelry Making

Buy some simple chains, hoop attachments, clasps, and pendants. These can be found in craft stores, some thrift shops, online or you can even make pendants out of old pieces of jewelry, beads, or gems. You will need a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. Show your kid how to thread beads onto the chains and how to attach clasps and hoops, and then let them experiment. Natural materials such as shells, sea glass, and even pieces of bark can also be utilized in jewelry making. Make sure that your child is attended to by an adult if they are going to be using more complex tools such as wire cutters.

Clay Modelling

With a pack of modeling clay, some simple tools, and a space to work, your kid can spend hours molding and shaping. This develops fine motor skills, as well as your child’s understanding of proportions and shapes. The best thing about this craft activity is that if your kid doesn’t like what they’ve made, they can literally screw it up and start again!


You can buy ready-to-go cross-stitch kits, which will provide you with all of the tools and materials you need, as well as a design to follow. This is a good idea for beginners; although cross-stitch may seem simple, the technique is deceptively tricky and beginners will appreciate having a pattern to follow. As you and your kid grow in confidence, you can try out your own designs and patterns.