Are Your Kids Arguing All The Time? Here’s How to Reduce Disagreements

All siblings argue, but when it’s almost constant it can really get you down and impact the atmosphere of your home. Sometimes, the cause of an argument is clear, but at other times it seems like your kids are screaming at each other for no reason at all. Check out these tips which can help to ease pressures and encourage them to get along better, which will in turn help everyone in the household feel happier and more relaxed.

Limit Screen Time

Most of us can remember the way that playing video games for a few hours used to make us feel as kids—groggy, grouchy, and more than a little bit emotional. Children who would otherwise play happily together, or at least tolerate one another, can start a screaming match after they’ve both been on devices for too long. Limit screen time, setting clear boundaries so that your kids can see that arguing with you about it is pointless. Give them alternative activities to do, such as coloring, baking, or reading.

Schedule One-on-One Time

One reason why siblings argue is that one (or both) of them feels like they’re missing out on quality time with the adults in their lives. Explain to your kids that you are going to start scheduling some one-on-one time so that across a week they all get to spend some time with you or your partner. You could spend this going on a walk, doing a craft activity, or playing a board game—whatever works best for you and your kid.

Get Outside

Sometimes, kids just need some exercize and a chance to run around in order for any disagreements to melt away. Take them to the local park, drive out to the beach, or head to a mountain trail – this will let them run off any energy and help them reconnect as they play outside.