Are Cake Smashes Just a Silly Trend?

In all generations of society, we often fall victim to trends that trickle their way into the world. Sometimes these trends are silly, sometimes they’re practical, and sometimes they’re a straight-up rite of passage. When it comes to parenting, there are certainly many trends that have become popular over the years, and one of those trends is having a cake smash for your baby. Is this just a silly trend that people should forget about, or is there something special about it?

Fun Good Time

Well, the answer to that question really comes down to how seriously you take life. And we mean that in a completely joking way. Simply put, cake smashes aren’t necessary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. Are they silly? Sure. Are they also super adorable and cute and fun for the parents? Yes! So what’s wrong with that?

Trends Don’t Also Need Meaning

So to really answer this question, it’s really not about whether or not a cake smash is a silly trend. The question should be whether or not “silly” is a bad thing or not. Life isn’t meant to be taken seriously all of the time, and in fact, it’s imperative that we all let loose a little bit with fun occasions such as a cake smash. So in conclusion, have at it! Enjoy your baby’s cake smash, and don’t let anyone bring you down for it.