American Lifeguard Association Warns Against Blue Swimsuits for Kids

With countless possible models to choose from, it can be tough to pick the right swimsuit for your kid, but there’s one rule you should abide by – don’t buy a blue one. American Lifeguard Association warned against blue swimsuits just in time for the summer because they’re tough to spot in the water.

Wyatt Werneth, a public service spokesperson for the American Lifeguard Association, who’s been working as a lifeguard for 28 years, shared some safety tips with Today – starting with picking a swimsuit in the right color.

“Never wear a blue swimsuit — bright colors are always best! Putting your kids in a bright color would help us identify in a crowd. Blue blends in with the water, making them harder to see,” he told Today.

Werneth shared several more safety tips worth keeping in mind when taking your kids to the beach or pool this summer. He said it’s important to never go swimming without a lifeguard present, even at a pool party, and warn your kids against diving into a body of water headfirst.

American Lifeguard Association isn’t the first organization to warn against blue swimsuits. Water safety company Alive Solutions Inc tested visibility with swimwear of different colors and determined that white and light blue swimsuits are best avoided, while neon pink and neon orange were the easiest to spot.