Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera Find Out Their Baby’s Gender by Smashing a Guitar

Soon-to-be parents usually like to get creative for gender reveal parties. However, WWE star Alexa Bliss and musician Ryan Cabrera really took it one step further at a recent gender reveal party they organized at Common Ground in New York City.

Bliss and Cabrera invited their family and friends and decided to do a gender reveal in a super unique way. Cabrera took a small guitar and smashed it against a chair, with the entire room soon being covered in pink powder, signaling that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

Bliss shared the moment of the reveal on social media, and we have to say that it looks quite impressive.

Bliss and Cabrera’s gender reveal party was a huge success among the attendees and got quite a buzz on social media. However, the couple intends to do something even bigger for the baby shower.

“So we try to be like, ‘OK, here’s a date, we’re gonna do something grandiose, everyone’s gonna have a blast,’” Cabrera told Entertainment tonight. “It’s just a good reason to get people in the same room, just a room full of love. And that’s what the baby shower will be too.”

Bliss and Cabrera started dating in 2019. The couple tied the knot in April this year at a ceremony in Palm Springs, California. They are expecting to welcome their baby girl in early December.