Advice for Preparing Your First Child for the New Baby

Many parents worry about how a new baby will affect their firstborn child. It’s an understandable concern, as going from being the only child and having the full focus of the parents on them to having to share the attention with a sibling can be hard to adjust to. Here’s some advice to help avoid any difficulties. 

Keep Talking to Them

Depending on how old your first child is, there will be some things they may or may not understand. However, just keeping them as part of the conversation and updating them on any news will help them feel more prepared for when the baby actually arrives.

Prioritize Some Time for Them

You will of course have your work cut out getting ready for a new baby, but making sure you put some time aside to focus solely on your child will ensure they don’t feel left out or jealous. 

Remind Them of How Exciting it Is

It will be really hard for them to fully understand, as it’s completely new and strange to them. But you can explain how much fun it will be to have a younger sibling and let them know that so many siblings end up as the best of friends.