Advice for if Your Teen and Your Child Aren’t Getting Along

Having a big age gap between siblings is common, and often results in a sweet, caring relationship between the two. But sometimes when they are both still quite young, this relationship is more tense and may even be quite hostile. If this is the case, then here are some points to remember.

Try to See Your Teenagers Perspective

It can be easy in these situations to assign responsibility to the teenager. They are the older of the two after all, and therefore should have a more mature understanding. And it’s common for the hostility to seem to be originating from them. But instead of feeling upset, try to consider what the underlying factors are here. It may be that they feel their younger sibling is fussed over more or gets away with things more easily. Try talking to them to see if things are affecting their relationship that the whole family should be more aware of.

Remind Both of Them of the Significance of Each Other

As children and teenagers, family may be something taken for granted. Try to have a chat with each of them individually to gently remind them of how important a sibling relationship is, and how special it will be to have a close relationship throughout their lives. You of course don’t want to put any pressure on them, it’s more of a reminder of this concept.