Activities With Young Kids That Don’t Cost a Ton

When it comes to entertaining kids, there are endless options out there. But so many of these are super expensive, which is frustrating when your toddlers won’t even remember it. Here are some things to do that don’t cost that much but will keep your kids happy. 

Feeding Ducks

This activity doesn’t have to be just ducks, but does need to be bird-friendly food. Find out where the nearest lake or pond is, and take some seeds or bird food along with you. This is more fun than expected, and your kids will love interacting with the local wildlife. 

Nature Hunt

Give your kids a list of things to spot in the local area. Go for a walk, and let them look around to find the items you’ve listed. They’ll love the competitive nature of it, and you’ll love the opportunity to go for a chilled walk. 

Friendly Soccer Game

All you need for this is a goal and a couple of players. Decide on the goal (i.e. between two rolled-up jumpers) and have a goalkeeper. The rest of the players just have to try to score. There doesn’t really need to be any strict rules, just have fun with it.