Activities to Keep You Entertained With Your Newborn 

Having a newborn baby is incredible. After waiting all that time you’re finally able to meet and get to know your new child. While it may feel like you could simply stare at them all day, there will be times that you’ll want to get out and try some activities. Of course, not all choices of activity will be suitable to do with a newborn baby, so here are some ideas for fun ones that are. 

Walk Around the Park

This is a great way to gently introduce the world to your baby. Even from their stroller, they’ll be taking in sounds, smells, and sights that gradually help to build their image of the world. And you can take great pleasure in enjoying the simple things such as watching children flying kites or sitting by the duck pond. 

Meet Someone at a Cafe

Having this time free is the perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend or family member who you haven’t seen for a while. And they will no doubt be excited to meet your little one. Again, being in this calm but bustling environment is a great way to give your baby plenty of sensory stimuli to feed on.