A Few Things to Keep in Mind When You Let Your Kids Play With Bubble Blowers

Bubble blowers are a beloved toy that can offer hours of joy and entertainment for kids, but you should keep a close eye on your kids around them. They’re generally not considered an unsafe toy, but there are certain precautions worth taking to make sure your little ones have a safe and fun playtime.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Always make sure to buy a non-toxic bubble solution specifically designed for children, and avoid homemade formulas that contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Outdoor Fun

One of the best things about bubble blowers is that they encourage outdoor fun, and we should keep it that way. By letting your kids only use them out in the open, you’re preventing potential spills and accidents indoors.

No Mouth and Eye Contact

Advise your children against blowing bubbles directly into their mouths or eyes because bubble solution may cause discomfort if it comes into contact with sensitive areas.

Supervision and Advice

If your kids are still pretty young, make sure to supervise them when they’re using bubble blowers. Try to teach them the basic guidelines described on this list and make sure they’re blowing bubbles in the right direction so they wouldn’t end up in their eyes.