Busting Up Every Myth You Heard About Breastfeeding


The mommy blogs are busting over with rumors about everything boob related. When it comes to breastfeeding, you’ll see a lot out there so be shrewd, because some of it is just plain malarkey.

Breastfeeding Hurts Like a Mother 

Your coffee clutch gals might try to scare you but you shouldn’t suffer in silence. With so many remedies out there, like those developed by Lanisnoh’s, there’s no reason it should stay that way.

Busting Up Every Myth You Heard About Breastfeeding

Breast Milk Soothes Sore Nipples

Research actually shows that ointments and creams like those developed by Lansinoh are more effective in soothing that burn.

Switching from Breast to Bottle is a Cinch

Don’t let your yoga buddy tell you its simple, it usually isn’t, but that’s ok! Give your baby 4-6 weeks with the breast to get them used to breastfeeding and then think about swapping.

Busting Up Every Myth You Heard About Breastfeeding

Nursing Every Hour Means Your Not Making Enough Milk

Simply not true and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is any number of factors for each woman’s individual milk production levels and things like how often you nurse can change your levels as well. Frequent feeding in the early months, in particular, is completely normal. Your baby’s body known more about its needs than you think!

Use Both Breasts Or Else – Switching back and forth between boobs is a hassle and somewhere along the way, someone may have told you that it’s a must at every feeding. Truth is, if your baby is done with one, you’re good to go!

Breastfeeding Makes Baby Choose Sides – Rumor is that the mommy and me time that comes with breastfeeding means that partners won’t bond with the baby as easily. While the extra cuddle time may make some partners jealous, there are so many other ways for your partner to bond with the baby.

Rub Some Dirt in It – Your high school softball coach may have laid on the tough love, but women who think they need to rough up their nipples to get them used to breastfeed need to reevaluate. With products like Lansinoh, there’s no need to make things worse.