6 Backhanded Compliments Every Mom Is Sick of Hearing

We’ve all heard them or gotten them ourselves, those little-backhanded compliments that are a slap in the face of our parenting. Don’t ever get caught letting loose with one of these whammies.

You’re so brave; I could never trust anyone else with my children. Leave the working moms alone. It’s just plain nasty to suggest that because a woman also has a job, she’s failing as a mother. You can bet your ass she’s pulling her weight at home and in the office, so give this shero the props she deserves.

I so admire you putting your career first, I would miss my kids so much if I worked all day. So now providing for your family means that you don’t miss your kids? Get with the time’s sister, ladies work it and they love it. And they also love their kids, there’s no contradiction there.

You’re so lucky; I wish I could get a break from my kids every day. No, just no. Killing it at the office is not a lucky break; it’s called a job. She’s not kicking off her heels and sipping pina colada in the sand.

I bet you love having extra spending money. Seriously stop. This isn’t some cute summer job to keep working mom’s busy. The cash they make goes to real household needs. And who knows? Maybe dad’s the one keeping house.

You look great! I wish I had time to work out every day, but I have to take care of my kids. Don’t be a hater, moms who take care of themselves can take better care of their kids. If a woman has managed to get in her gym time, she’s wised up to the fact that burnout is real; and to stay on your toes for your kids, breaks are necessary.