5 Ways to Save Money on Accommodation When Traveling with Your Family

Accommodation is one of the biggest travel expenses, especially when you’re hitting the road with your entire family. Finding a place where you can all stay together doesn’t come cheap, and these five tips will help you make a budget-friendly choice.

Early Bird

You’ll usually find the best discounts or promotional offers if you look for accommodation as early as possible, so don’t wait for too long to do your research.

Family-Friendly Deals

Many hotels and resorts have special deals or packages tailored with families in mind. Check if that’s the case with the one you’re thinking of booking, and you might get discounted rates for kids, free meals, swimming pool access, and more.

Alternative Options

If you’re struggling to find a hotel that fits into your budget, consider alternative accommodation options, ranging from vacation rentals and homestays to guesthouses and hostels.

House Swaps

House swapping is a great way to explore a new place free of charge, and there are many online platforms where you can exchange your family home for someone else’s.

Right Facilities

Even if your accommodation isn’t super-affordable, make sure that it offers facilities that can save you money, such as a washer and dryer and a full kitchen where you can make your own meals.