5 Ways to Make Your Kids Fall in Love With Smoothies

Smoothies are often considered a staple of a healthy diet, but have you tried introducing them to your kids? If you’re looking for a way to invite them into a magical world of smoothies in a fun and engaging way, these five tips will get you there.

Vibrant Colors

Kids tend to be drawn to food that looks fun and colorful, and smoothies fall under that category. You can easily make them appealing to your little ones by blending together colorful ingredients that will make your smoothies pop.

Delicious Flavors

Just because you love kale smoothies, it doesn’t necessarily mean your kids will. Feel free to experiment with flavors, and use add-ins that they’ll actually enjoy, from fruits and nuts to peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Touch of Sweetness

You may be tempted to add sugar to your smoothies to make them appealing to your kids, but it’s better to replace it with natural sweeteners, such as honey or maple syrup.

Get Them Involved

Your kids are probably too young to use a blender, but you can get them involved in other parts of the smoothie-making process, from picking their own ingredients to helping you clean up.

Fun Presentation

Presentation is everything when it comes to making healthy foods more appealing. Feel free to decorate smoothies with extra fruits and nuts, serve them in a colorful cup, or add a cute straw or umbrella to the mix for extra fun.