5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Reading

Even if your child doesn’t seem enthusiastic about books. Don’t despair. Some kids need a bit of a push in the right direction to realize how magical books can be. Whether you’re encouraging a little one to love reading from the start or have a kiddo who isn’t totally convinced that reading is for them just yet, there are a bunch of easy ways to help get them excited to read.

Get them a library card or bookstore member card

Even if they have already gotten a library card, get them a book tote or a fun pouch to hold their card in, then take them to the library or a bookstore and let them explore for a while. Knowing that their card is theirs and no one else’s is an already enticing way to get them to want to hit the public bookshelves and take books home.

Let them pick the topic

Whether they choose a book based on its cover, title, or plot summary, let them do the picking. If they’re younger, choose books based on animals or activities they like to start with. No matter their age, they’ll connect more with the story if it’s about something they’re interested in.

Pair books with movies

Knowing that there will be a movie to watch after reading a book is a good way to get screen-loving kiddos on board with books. Whether you read separately or together, watch the movie as a family so you can open up a dialogue about the differences between the book and movie — hopefully they’ll come up with a few and it will inspire them to discover the differences between other books and their film adaptations.

Read a chapter book together

If you find that reading shorter books aren’t cutting it, try reading a chapter book aloud. If your little one knows how to read, have them read to you, or try splitting the chapters up. The team effort will make it exciting and having a bigger book to read in chunks will keep their attention for longer than a shorter book.

Find a good series

Sometimes all it takes to love reading is a series that spans many books. Whether it’s Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia that takes their fancy, find a series that your child can get themselves lost in — they’ll want to know the fates of their favorite characters as the series goes on.