5 Types of Children’s Clothing That Are Always Overpriced

Kids tend to outgrow their clothes pretty quickly, and that’s why it’s usually not the best idea to invest a fortune in them. If you’re trying to save some money on their clothes, here are five types of overpriced fashion items that are best avoided.

Designer Brands

High-end designer brands never sell their clothes for cheap. Investing a fortune into statement pieces for yourself might make sense, but your kids won’t really care how exclusive or expensive their clothes are.

Formal Attire

Party dresses, suits, and tuxedos for kids are more expensive than regular clothes, but you might consider thrifting for them since your child will only wear them once or twice.

Athletic Apparel

Clothing associated with popular sports brands comes with a high price tag. Activewear and athletic shoes for your kids will sometimes cost you as much as your own – if not even more.

Organic Clothing

Clothing made from sustainable or eco-friendly materials experienced a huge boom in recent years, but be ready to cash out extra money if you want your kids to wear it.

Licensed Merchandise

Clothing associated with popular TV shows, movies, and video games usually comes with a higher price tag due to licensing fees, so it’s best to buy it at thrift stores or on sale.