5 Tips to Help Your Kids Get Out the Door on Time

Everyone has trouble getting out the door once in a while. But to prevent being late from becoming a habit, here are a few steps you can add to your family routine. 


The key to a successful morning routine is often preparing the night before. Encourage your kids to pick their outfits and pack their school bags before bed. This simple step can save you from scrambling around the house looking for a missing notebook in the morning.

Regular Wake-Up Time

On a biological level, consistency will help your children’s bodies adjust to a regular sleep schedule, making it easier to get up and moving in the morning.

Prepare Breakfast Options in Advance

If your mornings are particularly hectic, prepare some breakfast options in advance. Make overnight oats, have yogurt and fruit ready, or set up a quick and healthy breakfast station for your kids to choose from.

Limit Morning Screen Time

Screens can be a time suck and turning on the TV during breakfast or getting on phones can lead to distractions and delays. Save screen time for later in the day.

Lead By Example

As a parent, your attitude and behavior set the tone for the morning. Stay calm and lead by example.