5 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Used Baby Gear

From strollers and cribs to changing tables and clothes, baby products often come with a pretty high price tag. That’s why many new parents consider buying used baby gear instead of brand-new products, and here are five things you should keep in mind before going down that road.

Good Condition

Only consider buying second-hand baby items when they’re in a good condition and look almost brand-new. If the item is missing parts or showings signs of damage, you’ll most likely have to replace it at some point.

Product Recalls

It’s also important to have a model number for the product you want to buy to make sure there are no recalls due to safety concerns.

Proper Cleanup

Before reusing hand-me-down baby items, it’s important to give them a proper clean-up, whether it means washing them in the washing machine or cleaning them up with soapy water, bleach, or disinfectants.

Price Difference

Second-hand baby products are usually a great money saver, but if a price difference isn’t that significant, opt for buying a new item.

Items To Avoid

Baby items should be reused with different levels of caution, but some of them are best avoided. Crib mattresses, breast pumps, and car seats are best bought new for sanitary and safety reasons.