5 Things You Can Do With Outgrown Baby Clothes

Toddlers tend to outgrow everything they wear pretty fast and you’ll quickly find yourself with a pile of clothes that you no longer need. If you’re not sure how to deal with them, this brief guide will help you make the right choice.

Your Next Baby

If you have (or you’re planning to have) more children, you can always save your baby clothes for your next toddler. It’s a good idea to buy gender-neutral clothes so they can fit all of your future children.

Keep Special Pieces

If there are any pieces of clothing that you’re especially fond of, you can keep them as an heirloom and relive special memories many years from now.

Give Them to Friends & Family

Even if you don’t have another child to inherit old baby clothes, your friends and family most likely do. Pass on old baby clothes to your loved ones—expenses tend to pile up when you have children and they’ll appreciate your help.

Time for Donation

If you don’t have anyone to pass the old baby clothes to, donating them is always an option. From local maternity wards and charity shops to “mother and baby” hostels, the list of places where you can donate your used baby clothes is pretty much endless.

Sell Your Clothes

Baby clothes tend to be in mint condition because they’ve only been worn a few times. That’s why you should consider selling them on eBay or Facebook groups—you’ll certainly apricate extra income.