5 Things Worth Keeping in Mind When Flying While Pregnant

Flying while pregnant can be tricky and it will bring several obstacles your way, but it’s not mission impossible. If you’re considering taking a flight during your pregnancy, here are five things worth keeping in mind before boarding a plane.

Consult Your Doctor

Don’t make any travel plans before consulting your doctor. They’ll be able to assess your overall health, warn you of potential risks associated with your pregnancy, and give you all the necessary guidance you’ll need during your flight.

Right Timing

The timing of your trip makes all the difference. The second trimester of your pregnancy (between weeks 14 and 28) is generally considered the most comfortable and lowest-risk time to travel, so it’s usually best to stick to this period when booking your flight.

Check Airline Rules

Each airline has its own set of rules when it comes to flying when pregnant, so don’t forget to get familiarized with them before booking your flight.

Come Prepared

Some airlines allow women to fly right up until the 36th week of pregnancy. Even if this is the case, you’ll most likely need a doctor’s “fit-to-fly” note once you enter the third trimester, so don’t go to the airport without it.

Travel Insurance

Never board a flight without travel insurance, and carefully read your policy to make sure it covers unexpected events or complications related to pregnancy.