5 Things Worth Considering Before Letting Your Kids Watch Scary Movies

October is finally upon us, and countless spooky movies are coming our way just in time for Halloween. Curiosity will get the best of your kids and they’ll try to convince you to let them watch some horror movies, and our brief guide will help you decide if they should.

Right Reason

When your kid expresses a desire to watch a horror movie, try to figure out what’s their reasoning behind them. Are they truly interested in the movie in question or do they only want to watch scary content because of peer pressure?

Check the Rating

Every movie comes with an MPAA-assigned rating that will help you determine if it’s suitable for children. G and PG movies are usually safe for younger children, while teenagers should stick to PG-13-rated movies.

Do Your Research

Even if the rating is suitable, it comes in handy to check out the trailer, read the film’s description, and pay attention to parental guidelines to make sure a certain film is suitable for your little ones.

Sensitivity to Scary Content

Scary and violent horror movies can give your children vivid nightmares, so it’s best not to let them watch this type of content if you believe they’re overly sensitive.

Watch Horrors Together

Even if you decide your kids are old and mature enough to watch scary movies, don’t let them do it alone right away. Watching horror movies together makes it easier to monitor their reactions, discuss the movie, and offer comfort if you see they’re scared.