5 Spooky Animated Movies Suitable for Halloween Family Movie Night

If you’re in the mood to throw a family movie night this Halloween but aren’t sure which movie to pick, animated classics are always a safe bet. We’re bringing you five beloved spooky cartoons that can be enjoyed by people of different ages.

Hotel Transylvania

The Hotel Transylvania franchise produced four films, and it puts a kid-friendly spin on our favorite classic spooky characters, including Count Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and many more.

Monster House

This underrated animated movie is set during Halloween, and it centers on three teens learning that the spooky house in their neighborhood is actually even more sinister than it seems.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

From Corpse Bride to Frankenweenie, many beloved spooky animated movies hail from the mind of Tim Burton, but none of them comes even close to The Nightmare Before Christmas.


The adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved book centers on a young girl who discovers a secret door in her new home, leading to an idealized version of her world hiding many sinister secrets.


Themed around the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, this Pixar classic centers on the young boy Miguel, seeking the help of his great-great-grandfather after being accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead.