5 Signs That Your Baby is Ready to Stop Wearing Diapers

Seeing your baby get fully potty trained and leave diapers behind is a huge parenting milestone, but it takes a while to get there. If you’re not sure if your baby reached the point where they no longer need diapers, here are five major signs you should pay attention to.

Dry Periods

If your baby’s diapers can stay dry for longer periods of time and they’re able to communicate when they want to go to the bathroom or have their diapers changed, they’re getting ready to stop using them.

Right Age

Most babies are ready to stop using diapers between 18 and 30 months of age with appropriate toilet training, but each child reaches this milestone at their own pace.

Clear Communication

Clear verbal communication is another major sign of your child’s readiness to stop using diapers, especially if they’re constantly expressing the need to go to the toilet.

Desire For Independence

Some children will even express the desire to leave diapers behind and switch to regular underwear because they make them feel more mature and independent.

Potty Training

The most important sign of your baby’s readiness to ditch diapers is their success with potty training. If your child is showing interest in using the toilet and they have no trouble following simple instructions, diapers will soon become a part of their past.