5 Easy Vegetables to Grow at Home With Your Kids

Growing vegetables at home can be a fun way to teach your kids more about food. Here are five perfect vegetables for your home garden. 

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes don’t take up too much room and grow relatively quickly. Plus, they are perfect for snacking right off the vine. Kids will love watching the small tomatoes change color as they ripen.


Radishes are one of the fastest-growing vegetables, making them perfect for impatient young gardeners. They can see the results of their efforts in as little as three weeks. 


Carrots can be a fun option because of the element of surprise that comes with them. Your kids can watch the green tops grow above ground while the sweet root develops below.


Herbs like basil, green onion, and parsley may not be your children’s favorite when it comes to taste, but they grow fast and can be harvested often. And who knows, maybe seeing them grow will make your kids more curious to try them. 


You probably won’t get to eat the fruit of your labor with this one, but seeing an avocado plant start to grow from a seed immersed in water can be a super fun experiment to try with your kids.