5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Shoes for Your Kids

Buying shoes for kids can be quite a conundrum, and many parents feel pretty lost when it’s time for shoe shopping. If you also feel that way, make sure to avoid these five mistakes to ensure you’re buying the right pair of shoes for your child.

High Price Tag

It’s important to buy quality shoes so your little one would be comfortable wearing them, but avoid spending a fortune on a single pair because your kid will outgrow them in just a few months at best.

Style Over Comfort

Even if your kids are nagging you to buy them the latest pair of trendy shoes, never prioritize style over comfort, and look for shoes with quality cushioning and good arch support.

Ignoring Kids’ Opinion

If your kids are old enough, make sure to involve them in the shoe-buying process. If you end up buying a pair they don’t like, you’re exposing yourself to the risk they’ll refuse to wear them.

Not Trying Them On

Even if you’re trying to surprise your little one with a new pair of shoes, they should always try them on. Ill-fitted shoes can cause discomfort and lead to many foot problems so they’re best avoided.

Huge Collection

Buying multiple pairs of shoes at once and stockpiling them is a huge no-no. Kids grow up so quickly and if you end up buying more shoes than they need, many of them will go unused.